The School of Renewable Energy and Environment (SREE) has well equipped classrooms with audiovisual facilities, Tutorial rooms and a modern, well- equipped laboratory with highly advanced instruments and equipment’s that provide individual hands-on working experience to all Renewable Energy (RE) and Environmental Engineering and Management (EEM) students.

To encourage them for an extensive research in the advanced areas of Renewable Energy Technologies, Solar Thermal Systems, Solar Photovoltaic, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Energy Storage Technologies, Wind Energy Systems, Energy Auditing and Demand Side Management, Geothermal, Tide and Wave Energy, Industrial Wastewater Management, Environmental Hydrology and Hydraulics, Air and Noise Pollution Control, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Green Technologies, Disaster Management, Occupational and Environmental Health.

School of Renewable Energy and Environment (SREE) has Central library with all latest text book editions, E- learning facility, seminar hall and computer application laboratory with internet connection are also available.

The Computer application lab is fully equipped with 20 computers fully loaded with all supporting licensed software to explore research in the field of Renewable Energy (RE) and Environmental Engineering and Management (EEM).

Renewable Energy Laboratory:

Major Equipment’s:

  • Mono Crystalline SPV modules (10-25Wp,0-18V,0-8A)
  • Multi/Poly Crystalline modules (10-25Wp,0-18V,0-8A)
  • Thin film module (10-25Wp,0-18V,0-8A)
  • Single Axis tracking system(N-S Oriented- mounted with manual tracking)
  • Dual Axis inclinometer (automatic tracking)
  • Solar PV Integration system
  • Standard solar tubular batteries (12V,100Ah)
  • Inverter ( Single phase 1 KVA,24V)
  • Solar PV Efficiency Measurement System
  • Solar Water pumping Training System
  • AC surface mount pump (3 phase, 1hp)
  • DC surface mount pump (1 hp)
  • Variable frequency drive(450V DC input)
  • Multi-meters (0-600 V DC/0-250 V AC)
  • Power meters DC(0-2kW)
  • Power meters AC(0-1kW)
  • Energy meters (0-2 kWh)
  • Rheostat (0 to 200 Ohm,2.5 A)
  • LED Lamp with mounting structure
  • Solar Simulation System
  • Spectral Response Training System
  • Charge control Training system
  • Solar PV Home Lighting System

Energy Systems Simulation Laboratory:

  • MATLAB+ Tool Boxes Software
  • PV Syst Software
  • HOMER Software
  • Lab View Software

Environmental Engineering Laboratory:

Major Equipment’s:

  • Digital Ph Mater
  • Digital Turbidity Meter
  • Digital Conductivity Meter
  • Jar Test Apparatus
  • Auto Clave
  • BOD Incubator
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Digital Noise Meter
  • Ambient fine dust sampler
  • Dual channel dust sampler
  • COD Apparatus
  • High volume Air sampler
  • Osmoscope
  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy
  • HPLC (High performance liquid chromatography)

Computer Applications in Environmental Engineering Laboratory:

  • EPANET software
  • AUATOX software
  • AIRMOD software
  • HYDROGNOMON software
  • WINDROSE MODEL software
  • TERAPLOT software